Structural Inspections

EEI has professional engineers on staff that have performed many thousands of structural inspections. EEI performs inspections on residential, commercial, and industrial structures. There are many structural elements that can affect the integrity of a building. EEI evaluates elements such as:

- Basement walls
- Roof trusses
- Roof rafters
- Floors and their joists
- Columns and beams
- Concrete structures
- Steel structures
- Decks
- Exterior stairs, landings, and fire escapes

Do you have cracks in your foundation?
Would you like to know what is causing them?
Would you like to know how to stop them?
We would like you to be there to see what we see. To understand what is happening and provide answers wile you are there. Then we follow up with a written report and photo's with the key information provided wile you were there.

EEI can evaluate any structural element required to provide safety for a structure.

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