Construction Management

Our Goals as a construction manager is to see that the owners project;

Has the quality building they expect,
Construction is preformed on schedule, and
The cost expectations are met.

Engineering Evaluations Inc. (EEI) construction manager works with the Architect, Engineers and Owners as the project develops so the intent of all are understood. EEI can provide direction to the contractors leaving time to address problems that require more extensive study (i.e. Excavating has encountered rock, what are the alternatives and how to proceed.)

Once a project is underway, scheduling is the most critical job function. Scheduling is coordinated using computer automated software that allows us to understand impacts to the schedule real time. Thus rescheduling can be done quickly and accurately.
EEI also develops three week schedules allowing contractors to concentrate on the relevant conditions. The disciplines can see what is coming up and be prepared to meet the events.

Construction logs and photographic progress are maintained throughout the project documenting the projects progress.

Status meetings provide information on:

-Current activity
-Problems encountered
-Future activities
-Job expectations

That is how it is done!!!

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