We have electrical engineers on staff that can diagnose both hardware and software problems. Often times problems develop due to brown outs or power surges making digital controls unstable. EEI has evaluated damage as the result of lightning, locating the point where lightning has entered and exited a structure to determine what was damaged and what needs to be replaced.

National Electrical code, NFPA 70 evaluations. The electrical panels will have covers removed and all screw connections checked. The wire sizes and circuit breakers or fuses will be checked to ensure they match. The GFCI receptacles and two or three prong receptacles will be tested. All open wiring will be checked for proper securing and all switches and lighting will be tested for proper operation. Electrical equipment such as water heater, range, or oven will be tested for proper operation without tripping circuit breakers or fuses. The branch circuits will be tested for voltage drop. In essence, all non-concealed electrical wiring will be tested.

Temperature Control Systems evaluations. EEI is experienced in the design of DDC controls, hydronic heating and cooling, boilers, chillers, air handlers, dampers, pneumatics, actuators and communications.

Computer/Microprocessor Systems evaluations. EEI is experienced with interface and control logic. Experienced with operating parameters from system level down to the component.

Electro Mechanical Systems evaluations. When systems are not functioning normally our objective approach to the problem isolates functions. Is the problem electrical, mechanical or interface related. Each are isolated checked and the cause determined.

Water Damage Determination. Water and electronics do not mix, so what is the result of water and electronics, is it damaged, can it be cleaned, can it be fixed or should it be replaced. These are the basic questions EEI works on in evaluating water damage. EEI has established procedures that get to the result fast.

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