Municipal Inspections

Engineering Evaluations, Inc. has inspectors that are PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & HOUSING INSPECTOR CERTIFIED by the INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL (ICC). Our inspections are safety driven to ensure that when the structures are used in normal every day situations the occupants are safe. A typical inspection will check outlets for grounding, GFCI outlets operate correctly, electrical panel is proper, plumbing leaks, toilet operation, bath functionality, heating and ventilation is proper, smoke detectors functional, emergency egress is proper, fire separation in place, automatic door safety operations, trip hazards, etc.

Municipalities commonly have their own pre-printed inspection procedure or form the inspector will use. If not we can develop one to meet your communities needs. Only certified code inspectors will perform your inspections and turn in the report within twenty (20) minutes to your office.

EEI currently serves the municipality of Crestwood.

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